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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cold and dark

Well, 10 degrees is chilly; with a 40 mph wind, it's downright brutal. I wore heavier gloves (fleece) and a fleece pullover, along with a medium-weight wool stocking cap, but the little bits of cheek and wrist that were exposed had a bit of a go of it. My feet, too, got chilly, because the breathing mesh of my Zoom Vomeros didn't shut out that wind.

Nevertheless, I meandered northeastward to 10th Ave N. where I went past the Coke plant and on to the back entrance to Highwood Village trailer park, I suppose somewhere in the vicinity of 44th Street. I wandered through there, then out onto 38th and on home from there.

It was that return trip that was rough, especially the parts where I was headed south — that put the wind right in my face. I rationed those stretches to 1 block at a time.

The streets are pretty slippery. We've had about 3-4 inches of new snow since the latest cold snap (Friday night), and it's well distributed (not drifted). A light went out near the school, and I saw very little traffic. One paper carrier near the end of the run.

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