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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Historic run

This was my first run as a citizen of a nation headed by Barack Obama. I'd like to say I skipped for six and a half miles, but that would be an exaggeration. I can say that I enjoyed watching yesterday's proceedings; I thought the speech was the right mix of tough and inspiring; it was refreshingly free of the kind of in-your-face swagger that we'd come to expect from his predecessor.

It was a cool day — 40 or so — and breezy. Today I went to the river by MacKenzie, took a water stop at the office, then went around on the River's Edge Trail to 11th Street, then back. Felt pretty good, though a little heavy-legged. That's probably from staying up a little late and from jumping back into the running routine fairly abruptly. I might lighten up just a little tomorrow, although another snow/cold front is coming tomorrow night, I think, so I probably should run while I can.

Lights were especially active today, with four going out (I'm not making this up) and three, including someone's motion-activated one on a garage, coming on as I passed.

6.5; 18.5; 41.5; 41.5
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