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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Injury or virus hiatus

Here's what I was doing all weekend, replacing my old TV/monitor with a new tandem setup that is going to be sweet.

Another view of my rehabilitated work space.

Toby's toes twinkle over the top of the tower in the living room, where he's sawing logs.

I've been feeling generally good the past week, but the crampiness in my neck has become a little more persistent, to the point that I'm getting some tests done this week to see if anyone can figure out what's going on. I'm betting on a muscle strain from shoveling snow, but who knows. No worries, just a little break. The snow, ice and crud all persist, beyond my comfort levels anyway, so I'm not missing anything except some indoor boredom anyway.

It's a little warmer the past couple of days, but not enough to significantly melt anything. Sigh.
Posted by Mose, 11:32 AM


Hmm, your Dell monitor there looks to be the same as the ones I use at work, although maybe a little smaller -- mine are 19". Anyhoo, I bet if you looked at the back of it, it would pivot to vertical.

Blogger Jo, at 4:43 AM  

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