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Thursday, January 29, 2009

A little longer, cooler

Repeated yesterday's route, only I added the monastery driveway extension on the east end. It's cooler today — 21-23 — and breezy. I was comfortable in my long-short shirt combo with a breathable windbreaker, drifit tights, light gloves and a stocking cap. In fact I fogged up a bit while running with the wind.

Nothing unusual on the route today — a couple of cars running in the parking lot at Centene (it was early, before starting time by my reckoning), no pit bull at the turn near the fire department exercise yard, no pedestrians.

We'll probably move to a hotel tonight because the workers are putting some kind of PVC-like liners in some of our subbasement pipes, so the water will need to be off for a day. I can go without running water, but not without a bathroom. We'll treat it like a little holiday.

To an amateur handyman, it's a marvel to me to watch the speed and skills of this work crew. The owner is a guy who actually builds beautiful new homes, and his approach to most problems is "tear it out and replace it with something better." So far I approve, but it's probably not the way I'd be doing it myself. I'd still be worrying the first step, and they're half done.

I'll take a picture of the basement bathroom floor and post it later.

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Posted by Mose, 6:32 AM


yes please! pics would be fun to see :)
Blogger Melia, at 8:25 AM  

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