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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Not as cold

With one of our bathrooms disabled for the next few weeks by reconstruction, I'll be running more often from the gym, which is no big deal, but the route options are more limited this time of year. The usual assortment of dunes and cross-country routes out there are more or less impassable right now because of the snow, thawing and freezing. They're either drifted, rutted or muddy, depending on the day's weather.

That being the case, I expect my usual from there for now will be some variants of the cemetery route, which is what I did today. The dirt stretches west of Centene are OK, though they'd be bad, too, if it was much above freezing, at least for a few days. The cemetery itself is usually nicely plowed and contains no major potholes or other ankle twisters.

The gym opens at 5, and I'll try to be there about that time most days. There's a loyal and predictable group of folks there every day. For the first few years as a member (I've been one for almost six years, since the founding) I ran during the noon hour. That time, too, had a regular set of attendees accustomed to that schedule. I haven't gone enough in the afternoon or evening to tell whether they have regulars, too, but I'm sure they do.

Anyway, enough navel-gazing. The basement work at the house started fast, and will continue for another couple of days, then it'll stop while the new vanity gets shipped. The work then will move upstairs, repairing cracks caused by settling after a watermain break a few years ago. The settling has been remedied with telepoles (house shock absorbers, more or less). We'll get the carpets out and floors redone while the place is torn apart. Probably be a month or more before it's all done.

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