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Sunday, January 18, 2009

To the cemetery, from the gym

The tall man says Kilroy IS here!

Thinking that my congestion problem yesterday was flukish, I set out today, a little earlier, from the gym. My goal was, among other things, to see what the dirt parts of the cemetery route would be like. They're passable now, but will be muddy if I go after the daily thaw. Morning runs back to the cemetery are imminent!

I felt pretty good, and the lungs were fine. Go figure. I do have a sore foot, including a kind of spur on the bone just below the little toe. I'll have to keep an eye on it ... it's been in the category of a minor aggravation for a long time, but was actually sore before running today. Felt OK on the run, though.

Temp was about 35-40, and it's getting warmer. Supposed to be well into the 50s all week. I'm going to go to early mornings starting tomorrow.

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