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Saturday, February 07, 2009

If you hadn't guessed ...

Here is the crack-free back bedroom, where the settling had been most in evidence. Since this picture was made, it's been taped and the ceiling re-textured. It's ready for paint and getting rid of the carpet.

This is the downstairs bathroom at the height, or should I say "depth", of destruction. The hole was needed to give access to the folks who lined the corroding iron pipe with a kind of epoxy to make it bulletproof beneath the house. The wall was removed to replumb with copper pipe and remove an old shutoff valve for an outdoor spigot, which we replaced with a modern, frost-free spigot.

This is after the pipe was lined and the hole filled. Another layer, including leveling, went over that, along with the curbing for the shower base. I'll photograph that later.

I've been out with a fast-moving, mostly lung-involved cold that still has me sounding like my old Grandfather George Moseman when he laughed. My nose never stopped running after the run last Thursday, and it quickly degenerated into sore throat, and by Friday, full lung involvement. I went to the doc on Sunday and started treating it with prednisone and an antibiotic. I felt much better by Wednesday, but still heavily congested.

Anyway, I may get back to it by the time of the full moon, which is Monday. That truly is my favorite time to run: early morning darkness, by the light of the moon. Gives an extra thrill to navigating the cemetery.

Anyway, as promised, here are a few construction pictures. Today we go buy tile for the downstairs bathroom and pick some paints for the rest of the house. The crack-patching is done in Hannah's room; from there it's on to the hall, then the living room, where approximately 6,000 books live. I'm getting a hand truck at UHaul today to facilitate carting them to the basement.
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