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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Skiff on the streets

Once again ran from the gym, which appears to be the new pattern, at least until the downstairs bathroom is repaired. This time, I just went to C's school where I left her a note, and back, more or less directly.

It's good weather again — low 20s with a little bit of ice crystals in the air. By t he looks of the streets and parked cars, a few cold snowflakes fell during the night. There was a tiny breeze from the east (odd), which meant I had glasses-fogging problems on the return trip.

I would describe the whole thing as uneventful — no other people on foot, and few cars about. The gym technically doesn't open until 5 a.m., but Sean usually opens up a few minutes before. There's a group of half a dozen or so who wait for him every morning ... they almost ran in when he came out to stick the flag in its holder.

Felt pretty good, though my hammies are a little tight ... probably the result of having run 6 miles only 18 hours earlier.

6.5; 25.5; 25.5; 95.5
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