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Monday, February 09, 2009

Woo hoo

During a weekend of lugging about 2/3 of C's 6-8,000 books from the upstairs living room to the downstairs living room, I noticed that my lungs were clearing up and determined to catch the full moon Monday morning for my first run of February.

That I did. Spectacular moon and almost as spectacular weather (32 degrees and a light breeze), so I did an extended cemetery route, sort of double extended actually.

I went from the gym, around and through the cemetery, down the monastery driveway, then turned around and went back exactly the way I'd come. The moon made the footing sure, and I was surprised to see that the dirt-track parts weren't really all that muddy (probably will soften again later in the day, but not too bad).

Two lights went out, and while I had to do a certain amount of hocking, my lungs held up well. I could feel all the book-toting in my back, but the running parts of my body were fine.

6.5; 6.5; 6.5; 76.5
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