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Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Back to the mystery creek

A Montana welcome mat. Actually, this is at the gate to a farmstead that is apparently not occupied year-round. It sits at the eastern edge of the large meadow/pasture that I've passed on the west side before, and that I've looked down upon from mountain tracks. It's the only habitation I've found on the labyrinth of trails north of Lincoln.

And this is looking down the mystery creek from the bridge that gives access to the farmstead.

Today I ran up the same way I did on Friday, except that this time I tiptoed through the wet area and proceeded to the end of the road, which was only a few hundred yards farther up.

Also, there's a track off to the east about two miles up. From the track I was on it just looks like a deviation to get around a downed tree or something of the sort, but today I trotted up it to see and there's actually another track going off that direction. I followed it a quarter mile or so, but not knowing where (or if) it comes out, I turned around and returned to the main track.

There were more of the under-snow tracks along the way today (at right), though these looked bigger than the ones on the CD trail that I saw Sunday. And the snow's been gone on this track for several weeks.

It was a gorgeous morning, temps in the 50s. I ran in shorts and long shirt with the customary dishtowel on my head. I skipped yesterday to go to Helena for provisions and to continue my yard work at home. I should run the rest of the week, though there is some precipitation in the forecast.

I think I'll go back to the divide this weekend and try to get all the way to Nora Mountain. No ticks today.

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