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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Loosening up

I've photographed this little stream in the winter, but aspen are almost as pretty in the spring as they are when they turn fluorescent yellow in the fall. I ran short today, along a snowmobile track that I've run many times before. I just went up a mile and a half (crossing a quarter mile or so onto the state land), then turned around and came back.

The boundaries of the little strip of state land are clearly marked. It's a nice day — 55 and only moderately threatening skies — but I waited until the noon hour to go out because C was coming through on her way home from daughter Caitie's (and her husband Sam's) law school graduation Saturday in Missoula.

I'm posting this picture taken from my car on the way home because it shows Crater Mountain, where I took the long, squally run yesterday. My route actually passed on the other side of the mountain you see here (though not far from the top), then went out the lenthy ridge that extends to the left out of this picture.

I'm a little surprised to see that I've already reached 100 miles this month, with an entire week to go. I'm not going fast, but I'm going pretty far.

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