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Thursday, May 07, 2015

Pushing farther south

From one of the high points on today's run, this is looking across the Blackfoot Valley from the south, looking northwest. I went to the Herrin Lakes road again today (hadn't been there since going to Nebraska) and went south on one of the two-tracks.

The highest point on the run (and the trail was still climbing when I turned around) was 5,334, and the car was parked around 4,705, so it was a climb of more than 600 feet spread fairly evenly over the three miles I went out.

The upper half mile was carpeted with glacier lilies, which suggests that the snow hasn't been off up there for very long. That reach was a generally north slope, so not too surprising. The area also is set up for grazing, with a couple of water tanks overflowing from springs. No cattle up there yet, thank heaven. I know it's an unpopular view, but I've always felt cattle have no place on heavily forested government land. The damage they do is sometimes staggering, which may be the fault of lax oversight.

In any case, this is the vast forested area south of Lincoln and west of Stemple Pass. It's not roadless, but it probably gets less use from the public than most formal wilderness areas. The exploration possibilities out there approach infinite, near as I can tell.

On the return trip a straight stretch of the road cut brackets the ubiquitous Stonewall Mountain, which finds its way into my photo file from all over the valley. Some time this summer I'll run to the lookout on top of Stonewall and get a picture from the mountain instead of of it. I've done it several times before, but I'll need to get in better shape before trying it. I searched my blog for Stonewall references to see if I had any pictures from up there, but I didn't find any.

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