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Friday, May 22, 2015

Small exploration; short loop

Today's run was in two pieces: 1st was a damp exploration of the area on the other side of a scenic impoundment that I've noticed for years near the road on Sucker Creek itself. There was no real trail, and the grass was very wet from last night's rain — thus the steam rising as the sun cooks off the moisture.

In order to get to it, I had to cross this little "bridge" on the embankment that creates the pond. In years gone by, I've studied this small impoundment for signs of fish, and I've seen people fishing in it, but I've never seen any sign that it works. Maybe some brookies? Don't know.

Anyway, I wandered for a mile in the meadows on the other side of the creek and pond. It was pretty, but I didn't find the hoped-for trail that parallels the road on the other side of the small valley. That must begin either back by the clubhouse on the trail network I've been exploring for the past week, or somewhere farther upstream.

I gave up, partly because my feet were soaked, and returned to the car. Then I drove to the trailhead for yesterday's run and took it again. This time I stayed on the "main" track and followed it around to a junction that took me past yesterday's "No Trespassing" sign and another marked gate. It turned out to be a nice 3.5-mile loop with about 300 feet of mild verticle, a decent short workout for days (like today) when I want to go short.

The loop includes even closer views of the burned area I photographed yesterday, as well as some nice valley views that are, as is often the case in Big Sky Country, enhanced by the sky.

I know I said I'd stop posting these redundant-seeming pictures, and maybe someday I will. This is looking south out into the Blackfoot Valley. No ticks today.

4.5; 20.5; 88.5; 401.5
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