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Friday, May 29, 2015

Surprise flower

I don't know whether this is a good thing or a bad one, but there's beargrass blooming already on the Black Mountain ridges where I've been running the past few days. They're not big, tall flowers, but flowers they are — you can see the grass accompanying the flowers isn't even green yet. Any naturalists out there who can tell me what this might mean? I'm pretty sure this is the earliest I've ever come across these — and just looking back at a few archive posts, by more than a month.

As I approached this spot, I was struck by the maturity of the forest (i.e. the immense size of the trees). This is up around the 5,500-foot level and about three miles into today's trot.

A little farther on, this almost-the-top ridge also struck me as exceptional. I went on around the corner from here (this is on the southeast face of a ridge, and I continued around the "end" of the ridge to a slope that faces the northwest).

After I went around the "corner," the track diminished to a single lane thanks to the bushes growing on the uphill side. I suppose this is how these old logging roads go away eventually.

Anyway, it was a nice morning, intermittent clouds and sunshine. Temp in the low 50s.

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