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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Time out for 'business'

So today I forwent (?) my run because a variety of business items in Helena beckoned.

I had to do a little housekeeping relative to retirement programs (Charlotte's mostly); to order my new reading glasses through an optician's office (it's a long and bizarre tale, in my opinion, and you can ask me about it next time we (whoever you are) talk; to have the brakes on my car repaired; to do a little shopping; and ...

Drumroll please ... have my winter's growth of beard shaved off. Here's the "before" picture, taken last evening by myself out by the creek.

It was an interesting experience, too. After calling around to find an old-fashioned barber shop that still does shaves, I settled on Jim at the Downtown Barbershop in Helena.

It was the whole enchilada: Buzz off the excess with barber trimmers; lather up with real, barber foam; cloak my face in hot, wet towels for 5 minutes or more, then straight-edge the old whiskers off.

That was followed by a "second coat": another round of foam, hot towels and waiting. Jim then brandished the blade and finished up in the corners and difficult crevices.

After a thorough wipe down, including with some kind of lemon oil meant to sooth skin that hasn't been scraped in more than six months, Jim then announced. "And now I'm going to wake you up."

With that he slapped some kind of aftershave on my rosy cheeks, then suspended a towel above my face and gently fanned air on me to evaporate the alcohol.

Other than smelling like an old man (which I am), I feel like a million bucks and now I can eat without having to cleanse my annoying whiskers. I probably looked more Lincoln-appropriate before the shave, but I don't care.

Tomorrow I return to the trails. Thanks to my old and recently-reunited-with friend Steve Shirley for shuttling me around and loaning me a vehicle for some of my errands.
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