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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Yet another good hill

Thinking to go a little short today during a break in the rain, I went east from Sucker Creek Road on a direct route that eventually would end up at my eastern starting point a few miles out of town. On the way, I saw a lesser-used track to the north and slightly up, so I tried it. Turned out to be a back door to the Ponderosa Snow Warriors' (no kidding) clubhouse (above). I stayed on the lightly used track across the meadow behind the clubhouse and it turned out to be an excellent, uphill route.

I stayed with it for a mile and a half or so before turning around (remember, I was thinking to go short today). I can see that driving to a spot at or near the clubhouse and getting on the track there would put me right onto an uphill route that parallels Sucker Creek Road but on the south side of the creek. Over the years I've driven the SCR many times as a scenic route over to Lander's Fork and to a trailhead to climb Stonewall. I always looked across the creek to the south to the high ridge with a road on it, thinking it looked appealing, but I never cared enough to find out how to get there. Now I know.

This is looking right at Lincoln from the northeast, near the high point of today's run (which by the way was about 5,000 even, from a start below 4,600). Remembering the view of this area from the SCR, I think there might also be some good huckleberry areas on the ridge. Will have to keep an eye on that in a couple of months.

This is a fairly nondescript view down the trail from the spot where I turned around. I've got to stop taking these pictures — they remind me of my father's boating pictures, mostly from Minnesota: expanse of water with trees on the horizon. Any of them could be anywhere. He'd say something like, "See that little red spot there? That's the Moose Jaw Lodge where we had dinner!" I shall take this lesson to heart, and maybe this will be the last such turnaround picture — the views always are more impressive in person than in a picture.

Given the weather, I've started repainting a big part of the interior of the addition on my home. Got a good start yesterday. Maybe I'll post a picture of the finished product, before and after. My sister painted it last year, but I never liked the color; not sure how I landed on it (institutional green of some kind).

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