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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Another new route

After all that rain in the past 36 hours, I figured I needed a route that would be at least mostly on a rocky road. On impulse as I drove east from town, I went up the Lander's Fork Road two miles until I found something resembling a road heading east toward the hills that were intended a few years ago to become an open-pit, cyanide heap-leach gold mine. I'd never approached those hills from this direction, and I'm not sure what, exactly, I got on top of after more than half an hour of climbing, but this is one of the views along the way to the top.

I could go farther sometime and see where these tracks wind up ... when I got to the ridge line roads crisscrossed the area. I'll study it a bit on Google Earth, but there's no substitute for just trotting around up there.

Unfortunately, this is the best picture I got of some impressive and bright patches of lupine. The ones I thought would be spectacular (many more flowers than in this frame) turned out dark, the early morning sun filtering through trees above evidently shut down the automatic exposure in the iPhone's camera. I'll try again. My intention, if it had come out as intended, was to post it on Facebook under the heading, "Lipinosity" (a sendup on the frequent posts that show up on everyone's FB experience shilling for Luminosity, an alleged brain-building computer thing.

It was a pleasant, if a little chilly, jaunt on a typical uphill-out-and-downhill-back route, the kind I love both for the psychic reward of getting on top of something high (this route went up 800 feet, to a top of 5,700) and for the aerobic workout that running up a mountain provides.

You also get to see little things like this, a dewy, morning-lit spider web.

And finally, no run in this area would be complete without the obligatory view of Stonewall Mountain. The lifting fog had most of the area peaks shrouded when I was out, and this view of the mountain from directly east was no exception. The slopes going down to the left from the clouds will be the Sucker Creek Valley. About half of my runs this year have begun either on our near the Sucker Creek Road, mostly at its west end near Lincoln. This view is of the east end of that valley. The road actually terminates at the Lander's Fork Road a few miles north of where I was running today.

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