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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Back to the river

The shrubby cinquefoil is coming into full bloom all over the Northern Rockies, including on my regular state land route to the Blackfoot River south of Lincoln.

I ran the routine run ... routinely (though unintentionally a bit faster, to my surprise), and without the accompaniment of my osprey-turned-red tail hawk (truly a hawk, previously misidentified by me). I heard him, but he didn't come to investigate this morning. That could be because of the cattle wandering around the area.

Beautiful, cool morning — 44 out the outset and 54 at the end. I note that I'm already over 100 miles for the month with a full week to go. I'm kind of proud of it.

This is just a view down the trail toward the east, with the sun's reflection off the Blackfoot peeking through the trees. Sometime in the next week, I'm going to do this run in the afternoon or evening and bring my fly rod.

The most intriguing thing on today's run was the song of a sandhill crane very close by as I started and ended the circuit. I stopped both times, listening and straining my eyes to find the critter, but I couldn't find it. I am sure it was the closest I've been to one while it was ... crowing? Singing? Calling? Anyway, it's a sort of lonely sound that approaches the call of the loon in its mystique (at least to me).

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