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Monday, June 15, 2015

Change of plan

I had planned to go to the Continental Divide today, but decided against it because of the weather (more in a moment). Instead I returned to the state land off Herrin Lakes Road and did my usual 5-mile jaunt, complete with my feathered escort, the talkative osprey. This picture actually came out better than most of my attempts at photographing flying birds. Like the last time I saw him, the bird came up from the river and hovered near me for roughly the entire far half of my run. The river is probably a quarter mile downhill and through the trees from the ridge where he joines me, getting my attention with repeated cries. Nice.

Oddly, it's cold out (high 40s), overcast and very windy. That would have made for a miserable combination on the Divide, where there's nothing between the open ridges and the Atlantic Ocean (or Hudson's Bay) to break the wind. I've done it before, and didn't enjoy it. The forecast for tomorrow is much more amenable: mid-70s, mostly sunny and a light, southwest breeze. So I shall attempt to get all the way to Louie Peak (the next one past Nora Mountain) from Rogers Pass. I've recorded that in the past as a 15-mile run, though I doubt it's quite that far. With thousands of feet of ups and downs, however, I think the exaggeration is justified.

Today, the trot was uneventful except for the return of my osprey. Saw a few deer, and one flying sandhill crane (also vocalizing), but nothing else of note. Almost feels like autumn out there! I've shot things like this before and the pictures never do justice to it: This tree is really huge. And it's one left standing in an area where loggers have been busy in recent years, making its size even more impressive. A sentinel tree!

(Update: About 10 days ago I put a picture of a tennis-ball-size puffball mushroom in my post from the old Crater Mountain gold mine. I'm here to report today that it was delicious. Went well with garlic and butter, accompanying some steamed asparagus.)

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