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Sunday, June 21, 2015

New spot; not exciting

It may not be a great testimony for a mountain run that the flowers were the high point, but today's jaunt on the Lincoln Ditch Road, which runs south from Beaver Creek Road, is an example of it. The run itself, which gained about 400 feet in elevation over 2.5 miles, was not very exciting — in the trees the whole way with few glimpses of scenery.

But the lady's slippers were unusually common along the route. The picture above is probably the best I got for showing the flowers themselves; the picture at right shows the increasingly flowery plants I saw the farther (higher) I went. I took pictures of the first ones I saw within half a mile of starting, but they were sparser and not as sharp. The farther I went the more I saw.

It was a chilly morning, temperature in the mid-40s and overcast. Felt good, but I have more mowing to do today so I cut it off at 5. Maybe I'll go longer one day this coming week, depending on the weather.

This was just an odd growth pattern — new meaning for the term "ring road" — for the grasses taking over this route that's closed with a locked gate right on Beaver Creek Road, which is the road we take to two of the local highlights later in the year: berry picking and the wonderfully redundant Reservoir Lake. The road (not the one I was running) eventually goes over Huckleberry Pass (really) and comes out near Dry Creek and Kleinschmidt Flats.

This is the obligatory view of Stonewall Mountain, this time from the west-northwest. Not remarkable, but it was one of the only views afforded on this generally boring run.

5; 38; 97.5; 544
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