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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Part 2: The flowers

This little stretch was within a mile of Rogers Pass, before the cliffs overlooking the pass. Indian paintbrush and some kind of daisy, and I think there's a lupine lurking in there.

This beautiful bouquet of phlox, alpine forget-me-not and what I've always called Shasta daisies was at high altitude, probably just a couple of hundred feet below the Louie Peak high point of the run (about 7,100 feet).

On this ridge Nora and I call Remember Me Ridge because it can be blanketed with forget-me-nots, the namesake flowers have given way to two varieties of yellow flowers. That's not too surprising because the ridge is almost a thousand feet lower than the mountainside where I saw the "bouquet" above. I can't find my favorite flower book, but the closest I can find to these guys is silky crazy weed. They can be bold yellow and can be white and in between, so without a closer examination these could be varieties of the same thing. Even if that's not what they are, that's what I'm going to call them because I like the name.

I think these are some kind of phlox. They were superabundant today at all elevations.

These succulent-looking specimens were thick in several places along the trail. They remind me of the old hens and chicks that used to be common in home gardens. Anyway, I think they are lance-leaved stonecrop.

Again, what I've called Shasta daisies, but they're not in any of my (found) books under that name.

At first I was thinking "Bitterroot," but then I remembered: Evening primrose. This one was in the shadow of the cairn on Nora Mountain.
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Sorry, Bro, but Shasta daisies are white.
Blogger Jo Voelker, at 2:00 PM  

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