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Thursday, June 04, 2015

Poking around

My continuing quest for a good lupine photo took me to some odd places today. It's still very wet out so I wanted to be on true roads or trails. I tried one trail about four miles up the Sucker Creek Road and it turned out to be, as a practical matter, a dead end because of massive amounts of deadfall just a quarter mile or so up from the "Road Closed" gate.

I then returned to my original destination, which was the Forest Servce foot trail that goes up Stonewall Mountain. I've run it before, all the way to the top, but the first part from the road is a steep bugger. I went up a little more than a mile and a half and I'd say the last half of that route took in most of this route's 600 feet of elevation gain. It's all in the trees until you reach the burned areas on the ridge top, and I was nowhere near that today. The above patch of lupines was about as well as I could do today. My search will continue.

This is what much of my route today looked like (after the dead end road). It is an official FS trail, but it's not well maintained — heavily eroded in places and seriously sidehill in others. That's probably OK for hiking, but it's not much good for running.

Anyway, I went a little short intentionally because of yesterday's bigger-than-expected climb. I might go back to that spot tomorrow and take another shot at the little meadow full of lupines, plus explore some more on top of the ridge.

It was cool today — mid-40s when I started and just above 50 by the end — but sunny, and the forecast is encouraging. Even some 80s next week when Nora's here.

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