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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Repeat to the river

I did the exact same run today as yesterday, without the excitement of an osprey or finding a spur. It was again a beautiful morning, in the 70s by the time I finished. I ran shirtless for probably 40 minutes. The Blackfoot is visible here through the trees below.

This is one of those giant thistles in the making. It's near the road cut not far from the river. I'm guessing that, left to its own devices, it will be as much as six feet tall by the time July and August roll around.

Today as I was coming back up out of the logged over ravine at the far end of my route, a cowboy on his ATV with three nice looking cowdogs running along went by on the track above. He waved.

If I'd caught up with him somewhere, I'd have mentioned the spur I found on the track the day before, but he disappeared off to the east.

I'm wrestling with one of my lawn mowers (the string trimmer on wheels), trying to get it to start. I've just about expired the things I can do here without buying some new parts. The hardware store doesn't have the right sparkplug, so I'll just try to clean this one up and mess with it some more.

The upshot is that Nora and I decided to delay her visit until this weekend, when she has a similar schedule (I'll pick her up after work Saturday, and she'll come up and spend Saturday night and Sunday in Lincoln).

I did get the regular old lawn mower to run, but it's no good at some of the bumpier ground and around trees, etc.

Today will be the third day in a row of highs in the mid-80s, which I find to be unpleasant. My now-well-insulated house stays amazingly cool, happy to report.

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