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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Return visit

So these are mountain bluebells, and I'm using new tricks for making pictures with the iPhone, and I think it worked. I've been having trouble getting flower pictures sharp, so I read up on it. Simple solution to do "macro" focusing on the phone. Today's run took me back to the high road I visited on Saturday, and I went a little farther this time.

A corner of the large burned area east of Stonewall Mountain actually crosses this route. I think this is the headwaters of Keep Cool Creek.

This is wild columbine growing near the culvert where the above creek flows under the road.

I was going to just run 5, which was the same as I did Saturday, but I felt good and wanted to go up to a curve where I could see down to the road I'd come up on on the other side of the creek.

Another beautiful day, temp in the 60s throughout and into the 70s by the time I headed back. I returned by way of Copper Creek and Lander's Fork (the other end of the Sucker Creek Road), because I got to pavement quickly — SC Road is a little more than 12 miles long, and my parking place was more than halfway along it, so I figured what the heck. I think it was a faster way back to Lincoln.

Finally, an added bonus and a continuation of my experimenting with the iPhone camera. I think this is a much sharper pic of a beargrass flower than I've produced heretofore (and how many blogs have you seen that used the word "heretofore"?).

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