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Saturday, June 06, 2015

Second of two: Pics

As with the May 23 post from this spot, I'm not sure what this hunk of iron is, either. It had a pipe fitting near the bottom, and it was situated on the highest point in the whole mining camp (that's what I'm calling it), so my guess is a water tank. It's more than twice the size of a 55-gallon drum, maybe even more than that. Anyway more scrap iron! That's Red Mountain, the giant of the Bob, in the distance.

These two are more of the remains of the structures up there. The higher one (pictured here) looked to be a house.

The door was on the lower building that's in the running blog above, and its size (the building's, not the door's) suggests some more official use than just a house.

I didn't inspect it too closely so who can say?

The cliffs were on the west face (overlooking Seven-Up-Pete Creek) below what I've decided was the water tank.

I'm calling this picture "Incipient strawberries" because wild strawberries abound up here and they're all blooming right now.

The photo below is of one of the many puffball mushrooms I saw along the way.

I actually picked this one and intend to have it with some asparagus for dinner tonight (and butter and garlic, of course).

These guys (gals, actually) seemed surprised to see a car on the road, and maybe even not happy about it. This was about two miles from where I parked, and about half a mile toward Crater Mtn from Stemple Pass.

Finally, this is just a pretty skyscape I shot from near Flesher Pass a couple of days ago on my way back from Helena. Today's weather was sunny and warm, nothing like this.
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