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Monday, June 01, 2015

Shakedown trot

After yesterday's long run, I took it easy today, going a slow five miles to a spot I visited several times in early April. This little pond I referred to before as a pothole, and I suppose it's accurate, although small creeks run around this area occasionally backing up into little ponds. It's hard to tell, but I think they might be tributaries of something called Liverpool Creek, according to Google Earth.

Anyway, the route took me from Sucker Creek Road just barely in the trees, across a high plateau and then north through the forest to the large meadow or pasture that I also noted during the April runs. It's very pretty, and it appears to have springs in the middle of it, draining off across the road to the west.
At right is the same meadow photographed from the road on April 14, before the grass started turning green.

I have passed the same meadow on the east side, where there's an old homestead. It appears to be a summer place now, but one complete with some farm equipment. The "Keep Out" sign at the gate on that end was described by me some weeks ago as a "Montana welcome mat."

There was a fairly severe thunderstorm during the night, and some very severe ones are forecast for later today and tonight. That'll be exciting, as long as the wind isn't too strong. The Weather Service says Lincoln got just 0.04 of an inch over night, but those things are very spotty, especially with mountain thunderstorms. I think I'll put out my rain gauge today so I can get better reckonings. I'm guessing that what passes as a weather station here is either at the airport or the Forest Service offices, both of which are a ways east of town.

It's a new month and a new week at the same time, so ...

5; 5; 5; 452.5
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