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Friday, June 19, 2015

Sharing with cows

I returned to the state land today, and as usual was visited by my talking osprey. The land also has been infested with cattle since I was there on Monday. Fortunately, it appears to be just a handful (I counted nine on another part of the land as I drove away), and they were elsewhere when I ran. They'd pulverized parts of the trail, though, and left little deposits here and there.

I've continued my experimenting with the iPhone camera, and I think I have better pictures now.

This is my favorite of the day, a wild rose. They are out in profusion at the lower altitudes right now.

This is more pineapple weed (because the little globes on them smell like pineapple when you crush them, including walking or running over them. Unfortunately again, someone came through on the road I've been running on and sprayed the weeds (mostly the giant thistles) on and along the road, and my great patches of this stuff (also known as wild chamomile because that's what it is ... makes great tea) were wilting under the influence of Roundup, or whatever they were using.

This is my mystery plant of the day. It was abundant in the pasture-ish areas, growing in clumps among the grasses. Beardtongue? Crazyweed? Sulphur Buckwheat? Scans of my books and a few websites were inconclusive. The stuff stands a foot or a little more in height, so the flowers are above the grass level, at least for now. I'll examine more closely next time.

Beautiful day. Went earlier than I have been, so the temp ranged from 52 at the start to 64 at the finish.

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