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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Short, but lots of flowers

I went back to a route I did a few times in May because it's a nice, short loop with some elevation and a few views. Along the way was this excellent specimen of mountain dandelion. It turns out this baby is native and a little unusual (I've seen a few of them this year, but not in easily photographed spots), unlike its ubiquitous yellow cousin, which is an import.

The run was uneventful so I'll post a couple more big pictures, then my little guys.

Don't know what this grass is, but it's odd. I saw several clumps of it today in the middle of the long-unused road bed. It's fuzzy on the bottom and has a little brown seed cluster at the top.

I'm printing this one large just because the little pink/white flowers are a little hard to see. I am pretty sure this is something called twinflower. These flower-picture blog entries, by the way, are taking longer than my usual ones and I may tire of it. That's because I have to try to figure out what all of the flowers are. I'm not always successful.

For example, I spent quite a while trying to figure this one out. I think it's a kind of huckleberry, most likely "dwarf huckleberry," but I'm not sure. It doesn't match anything in my books or that I could find on the Web.

There may be too many flowers together for it to be a huck, but who knows?

This is something called butter and eggs, and at least one of my books referred to it as an imported and noxious weed. Nora used to say that weeds are plants that people didn't plant themselves and usually don't want; noxious weeds are those that cattle won't eat.

Finally, this is just a hopeful sign for the future: a wild strawberry flower. I did see some incipient strawberries and even some huckleberry buds. The attempted photo of the latter didn't come out very well.

Pleasant trot; now back to my carpentry project.

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