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Saturday, June 27, 2015

The way is shut ...

Well, not really, but I did have to shoo them off of the little bridge over Keep Cool Creek on the return leg of today's trot. They moved like, well, sheep, timidly vamoosing as I approached. I had only to wave an arm and off they went.

They belong, I'm certain, to the Sieben ranch, which is owned by the Baucus family headquartered across the Continental Divide about 20 miles north of Helena. Of course the best-known Baucus is Max, who was a longtime U.S. senator, chairman of the Finance Committee and putative author of the Affordable Care Act. His reward? He's now U.S. ambassador to China.

Anyway, they always run sheep over here, and I encountered them today.

My first contact with the flock was because of the noise they were making up on the mountain where I had intended to run this morning. If you click on this picture and zoom it up, you can see them up there.

I detoured westward on the regular trails into state land and toward the snowmobile clubhouse (several miles away). I thought I'd avoided them, but the movement I'd seen earlier evidently was the sheep heading down to the creek, which is where they blocked my way (for about a minute) on my return trip.

Beautiful morning, but headed toward being in the mid to upper 90s today. I finished the hard part of my carpentry project yesterday, and today I think I'll paint it. Maybe I'll post a picture when it's all done.

Not sure what brand of grass this is, but it looked pretty in the early morning sun.

Temp was about 50 when I ran, and I felt great. May try something a little more adventurous tomorrow after skipping Friday (two skips in one week!).

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