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Monday, July 13, 2015

Berries made it worthwhile

I was frustrated in my effort to go long today by scrambled roads and a mining operation athwart the damn trail (with a large "trespass and die" sign in a tree). My plan was to go as far up the Stonewall Creek trail as I could, but the mine (I didn't bother to violate the poster's warning, even though I'm guessing there was nobody up there to kill me) cut me off at about 2.5 miles.

There is another fork in the trail right there, but it goes to a ford, and I didn't feel like taking off my shoes, wading the sizable creek, then drying and proceeding, only to do it again on the return. Therefore I turned around and made it a short one.

Oh, and I mentioned scrambled roads. I'm not sure that's the case, in truth, but I did take a wrong turning (fool that I am, I took the "Stonewall Creek" turnoff, and all it did was dead-end in a small housing development in the woods. I wandered for another way to the creek and came face-to-face with a large logging operation, blocking the crummy road.

I went back to the main Beaver Creek Road and went farther up it, to the Park Creek turnoff, which, naturally, took me to Stonewall Creek. Go figure.

Anyway, I was surprised to see a lot of ripe huckleberries (it seems a little early). I photographed these before eating most of them.

I saw only one of these babies, but I sure did eat it. Nothing like wild strawberries! The fruit made the truncated run worthwhile.

This will be plentiful before summer's out, but it's the first good example of fireweed I've seen so far this year. When you see a bunch of them (unlike this one, they do tend to grow in bunches), it's said to be good to make note of their locale, then return to it in early spring. The young shoots are reportedly as good or better than asparagus.

Just a little below the trespass sign there were several examples (such as this) of the miner's art: dredging. In typical miner fashion, this is not thought to be harmful. Doubt if anyone asked the fish or other biota. The dredge piles are old, probably dating back decades if not a century.

Anyway it was a nice morning, with wild fruit. Woot! Maybe I'll try a more likely spot to go long tomorrow.

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