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Friday, July 10, 2015

Large but not very exciting

This is looking up the ridge where I turned around today after taking the "high road" fork of the south-of-Herrin Lakes system. Yesterday, I took a low road that led to a large pasture/meadow area; today the higher road appears to just go on and on. I looked on Google Earth and it appears I stopped (after 3.5 miles) just short of a fork in the road, one of which would have taken me eventually to the vicinity of a high lake I'd never noticed up there.

This is just turning around and looking down the ridge to the north. Thick forest, but, again according to GE, not a large patch of it.

Probably the only notable things about this route so far are:

1) It's unrelentingly (one quarter-mile exception) uphill ... I went from about 4,680 where I parked to 5,685 where I turned around. Only a few of my recent runs have had more than 1,000 feet of gain over such a distance.

2. It mostly stays in the trees, which makes it a little less psychically rewarding. There are a few little view spots, but the ambient smoke today made them unremarkable.

3. There are numerous springs along the way, one of which is developed for cattle with a tank and some kind of salt lick.

I did see a red-tail hawk as I got back down, flying away from me in a narrow corridor of trees. I heard him yelling at me afterward.

Nice day, in the 50s and a little overcast.

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