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Friday, July 31, 2015

Loosening up among sculptures

So this is the Delaney Mill Tepee Burner, an "art" installation at the Sculpture in the Wild park east of Lincoln.

It is just a tepee burner, one of the no-longer-used scrap-disposal incinerators long banned in Montana, but it quickly has become the symbol of the sculpture park and of Lincoln itself.

This one came from a mill farther east from the town of Lincoln. It's one of the pieces by Irish sculptor Kevin O'Dwyer, and it's not just an old, relocated tepee burner. It has two entrances, an interesting resonant interior (be fun to take the guitars out there in the evening) and solar powered LED lights in the roof, making it look like it's burning from outside, but making a spectacular view inside. Here's what the roof looks like at night:

O'Dwyer also did this one, called Montana Line Drawing, said to be derived from the commonly-seen jackleg fences around rocky, mountainous snow country.

My run today was sort of an afterthought. After a very strenuous climbing run yesterday, I headed east from town this morning thinking to go out to the ATV trails to just shake out the kinks without much altitude.

In addition to being a little exhausted from yesterday, I'm still stiff in a few areas — most notably in the abdomen and upper back — from Monday's zipline adventure.

It's not so much that ziplining is that hard on the body, it's more that until you figure out how to relax in the harness, you tend to stiffen up and pull up on the suspension rig, including holding your legs up horizontally. Unless you're a gymnast or a workout nut, those actions use muscles not accustomed to being used that hard.

Anyway, I went past the sculpture park, which I visited with niece Hannah and her husband, Lou, a couple of days ago. There's quite a bit of state land around the park, so I turned around and went back, stopping to photograph most of the installations. As I said after touring it thoroughly with the "kids," it's much more interesting and fun to visit than I expected. I ran up into the Frisbee-golf course, too, but unless I just wanted to loop around repeatedly, there's not much room in there for longer exploratory runs.

The night visit was especially cool because of the lighting of the tepee burner.

The above is probably my favorite piece in the park, called "Portrait" by Finnish sculptor Jaakko Pernu. It's a giant (25-30 feet high) "desktop" picture frame filled with interlaced wood.

At the right is the towering "House of Sky" by Alan Counihan of Ireland.

His artist's statement doesn't say it, but presumably the name is based on Ivan Doig's excellent, Montana-based book, "This House of Sky."

And it's probably a recognition of the degree to which the sky comprises a large part of Montana's often-beautiful views.

The above is one of the most interesting installations, "Hill and Valley" by the only American sculptor in the park, Steven Siegel.

He likes to use pre- or post-consumer materials in his work, and this one is no exception: The hills and valleys are made of tightly packed newspapers.

Anyway, it was fun to return to the park again, and it'll be a good place for such short, loosening-up runs. Oh, and I note that the video I tried to post yesterday from the ziplining day didn't work... there's a picture, but the movie won't run. Oh well.

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