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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

New month; slow elk

Went back to the river today and cut it a little short, noticing that my legs were slightly rubbery after Sunday and Tuesday's longer and climbing runs around Flesher Pass. As the photo shows, though, it was a beautiful morning. This is looking north across the Blackfoot River toward (of course) Stonewall Mountain.

The only non-ground squirrel or -flying animals I saw were these guys, which an old friend always called "slow elk." There's a small herd — fewer than a dozen — wandering around the approximately five-square-mile piece of state land that runs down to the river.

Two notes from the weekend: I mentioned (and photographed) the large flock of sheep I ran into Saturday and saw up Flesher on Sunday.

1. I didn't mention yesterday that as I crossed Highway 279 on the pass to head up the CD Trail yesterday, I saw that the big flock had gone over the pass between when I saw them Sunday and ran Tuesday. Judging by the traffic-flattened scat on the road yesterday, I'd guess they'd gone over the top later Sunday.

2. A story in the newspaper today says that FWP officials killed a 12-year-old grizzly Sunday after it killed a sheep. The story wasn't specific about where it happened, but it said that the dead sheep was part of a large operation in which three herds (flocks?) had just been consolidated onto their summer ground "near Lincoln," and that the bear was a repeat offender that had been relocated into the south fork of the Flathead River (in the Bob Marshall Wilderness 50-100 miles from here). They said it came all the way back here, evidently because the pickings were good.

A good day — cool (50) at the outset and still just in the 50s when I was done.

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