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Thursday, July 02, 2015

Old route; logging

This pasture is pretty in all seasons. It marks the turnaround for a five-miler from either of two westward tracks off of Sucker Creek Road just north of the cattle guard. I took the more northerly of the two today. It was pleasant enough, only small ups and downs and generally kind of boring.

I did come across this, one of the tallest mullein plants I've ever seen. They're one of the many European imports to North America, and they're pretty common all over the place. This one was at least a foot taller than my strapping 6-foot frame, which according to the books is about as tall as they ever get.

This is the route that takes me past a pretty marsh that I've described in the past as a pothole. Now its upper end is full of cattails, and the taller growth on the front makes photographing it not worthwhile.

The route also has lots of these nice-looking cutleaf daisies, which, like mullein, are common to "disturbed" areas. The main disturbance up this way is a logging operation that I could hear for the upper mile or more, but that is working just west of where I went. As a result, I was close to the loggers — and met a supply pickup coming up to it on my way back — but didn't actually see them.

It was an uneventful trot, not likely to be repeated anytime soon. I did see a couple of sandhill cranes out in the pasture (top picture), but they were too far away to photograph. Big birds, though.

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