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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Shortened but nice

Considering yesterday's lengthy trot, and the fact that it was nearly freezing here this morning, I waited until 9 or so to run, and I ran short.

This view is looking southeast from the snowmobile/ATV trail (closed so far this year) that parallels Highway 200 east of Lincoln. The highway is visible in the picture, but the Blackfoot River is hidden in the trees south of the road.

Anyway, I can tell my shape is getting better, and that I may need to recalibrate my timing calculus by running a known, measurable distance and timing it. Today, I went the usual amount of time for me to call it 2 miles (out — a 4-mile roundtrip), and it was substantially farther up this road than I ran in March when I called it a 4-miler. That's no big deal, but today's route took me to a spot where the track appears to head up and into much more interesting country. I shall try that one again in the next few days.

It was still just 50 when I finished a little before 10, but now it's warming up — there's not a cloud in the sky.

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