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Thursday, July 09, 2015

Surprising (to me) destination

A while back I wrote of running into a vast area south of Herrin Lakes Road (and therefore Lincoln) that probably could be the subject of explorations for months. Today, I started that exploration by taking the low spur off of the main track, roughly parallel to Herrin Lakes Road but up on the ridge above it to the south. After a mile and a half or so, it broke into a huge meadow/pasture area that had one fence down the middle of it.

I followed the only track (along the fence) west to the edge of a north-south ridge that dropped into trees to the west. Then the track petered out.

This is the view southwest from that ridge. It is looking up Dalton Mountain Road. The mountain itself — the first one Nora ever climbed, about 20 years ago — is to the left of this frame. The road goes over a small divide next to the mountain and drops down into the Nevada Creek drainage, if memory serves.

A quarter turn to the right yields this view, of the ranch directly below and across the Blackfoot into the Lincoln Gulch area in the distance (west of Lincoln about 3 miles).

I followed the ridge, sans trail, to the north until it reached the steep declines down toward the road and, eventually, the river. The area across the road from that spot is the state land I have frequented for the past couple of months, usually involving a view of the Blackfoot and occasionally my friend the red-tail hawk, who lives down there somewhere.

Today's other surprise (other than the giant open area) occurred when I reached the tree line on that decline toward the road. I spooked, within about 10 seconds of each other, a small group (too small to call a flock) of mountain bluebirds, a sandhill crane (the closest I've been to one this year ... probably just 20 feet or so), a three-point white-tail buck in velvet, a red-tail hawk and a small murder of ravens, all cawking like crazy. I was too awed to pull out the camera, and all but the ravens were gone within seconds anyway.

Beautiful morning, temp ranging from 46 to 60 during the run, and sunny.

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