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Friday, July 24, 2015

To the river

This isn't the river, it's the table and chairs I retrieved Wednesday in Missoula instead of running. It's the same dinette set I puked on at about age 3 when my mom made me eat some canned spinach. My spew set off a chain reaction in which my 6-year-old brother followed suit.

Anyway, I posted it because for some reason my Internet has practically stopped working. I emailed a routine picture from today's run to myself, as usual, but it has never shown up in my email. Oh well.

It was a routine run to go with the routine picture. I did take a short detour to look at the water level in the river (low). The cattle seem to be gone from the area, and there was little evidence that anyone besides me has been there in recent weeks. (I was there Saturday — photographed a sandhill crane.)

I skipped yesterday because, oddly for this year, there was a thundershower that went off and on all morning. Will probably try to go long-ish tomorrow because I will want to be rested by Monday when I drive to Yellowstone National Park to spend the afternoon ziplining with my niece and her husband. They'll be here for a couple of days next week.

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