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Sunday, August 02, 2015

Bushwhacking exploration

This scene reminds me of some company's logo, such a perfectly formed and large, isolated tree is this. It caught my attention four months ago when I ran to its meadow opposite Baldy Mountain for the first time. Today, however, I went to it in an odd way, wrapping around on the east side of the mountain on an abandoned road that eventually petered out, or became blocked.

I think I ran here once many years ago, but the road wasn't as obscure. I remembered it just because of the cows (which, by the way, I encountered again today after going over the top).

Here's what the road looked like when it was visible; in other places, especially when it entered a clearing, it just vanished. I wound up bushwhacking (with two h's, unlike the new restaurant in town that misspells it with just the first one) up the ridge until finally crossing another old road.

At the other end of the clearing where the giant tree stood, there stood this (below) piece of carbon art, probably a similar big tree that got struck by lightning. It, too, got my attention when I came through here on March 24.

There were a few places when off road that I slowed to a fast climbing walk because of footing, but mostly it was a very pleasant run. I went much earlier today and will try to continue that ... I cooked myself yesterday; today I was comfortable (temp 48-60 during the course of the run).

This mountain isn't super-high, but it does afford nice views of the valley below, such as this one.

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