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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Fire and elk — what a morning

These were the sentinels for a large-ish herd of elk on my trot today. They spooked into the trees to my left. I proceeded a quarter of a mile or so over a hill and ran into the whole herd. I made a video but experience tells me it won't post here, so I put it on Facebook. My friends can see it there.

What would a post be without a picture of Stonewall Mountain, which sits north of Lincoln. You can see the ambient smoke/haze from the Sucker Creek fire, which is burning around 100 acres on the right flank of the very same mountain. It was fairly spectacular from my house yesterday afternoon when it blew up (relatively speaking — it's still a small fire, and it's burning away from town and into a 12-year-old burned area, where it'll probably peter out).

The elk livened up what would have been a fairly desultory trot. I tried a new end to it by following the pasture-side trail all the way back to the Herrin Lakes Road, then a mile or so back to my car on that road. Boring at that end, but the distance was right for my tired old bones.

I'll keep them short for a few days in preparation for the visit starting Sunday of my Virginia running buddy. It was in the high 40s when I started and low 50s at the end. Even sprinkled on me a bit at the end.

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