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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Flesher north

This is either rabbitbrush or sulphur flower (I think the former, but will need to examine the understructure a little more next time), but whatever it is it's profuse right now on the CD Trail north of Flesher Pass.

I did my shopping trip today, but did my sponge-bath thing after running beforehand. Nice routine.

Looking south down Canyon Creek (and the highway to Helena on the south side of the pass) from one of the highest spots on the first section of trail. This was around 6,800, up 700 or 800 from the parking area.

This is on the downward return trip, before the main switchback above the highway. My car is the one on the right. The other, a pickup, was still there five hours later when I returned from Helena.

This old rootball lies along the trail somewhere along the way. It's been there a while, but is kind of cool.

This is the scat of the day. It was glistening and fresh when I encountered it on the way out; it was drier and had flies by the time I came back 20 minutes later (in the photo). No berries in evidence; looked very fibrous. Bear? I'm not sure, but whatever did it I didn't miss it by far.

It was a beautiful day, breezy and cool (50-ish). I went farther than the last trip this direction, and I went faster.

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