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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Flesher Pass with Swi and smoke

Today, before heading out to the Gates of the Mountains boat ride, Swi and I drove to Flesher again and this time went north about 5 miles. There were two grueling parts, the very beginning (which I knew about) and a return tract that was even steeper, if not as long. The second was more taxing because it came after already running about 6 miles in the mountains.

Anyway, it was a perfect day temperature-wise (59) and with a slight breeze, but it was probably smokier than was healthy to run, as this photo shows. I had one small coughing fit about halfway through it, though I was able to subdue it with an inhaler. Swi was a trooper, managing the two hard parts with about the same gasps as I experienced.

Here's the trail near the far end of today's run. A little farther and we would have been onto the ridges that run all the way to Rogers Pass, which Swi and I did seven years ago (at age 58). Today we turned around because we had to catch the boat. After that ride, we'll split up because Swi and Ann have a 6 a.m. flight and will be staying in GF tonight.

These were some nice, high cliffs near the far end of today's run. We went five more minutes after this.

These are the self-same cliffs. They rise 50-60 feet from the trail and were preceded by a section of trail over an awkward scree pile.

We stopped for a photo-opp on the return trip at this example of the trail crew's handiwork. It was shored up by the crew I met at the Flesher trailhead a few weeks ago.

Finally, no run on this stretch would be complete without the shot of the car 350-400 feet below.

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