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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Further river exploration

Today I did the same new loop as yesterday, except in reverse (going to the new area first) and with a sizable detour at the meadow (pictured above), going north on the edge trail to the river, or at least a small channel of it.

Looked interesting for fishing purposes down there, but I couldn't tell how accessible it was. I remember getting bogged down trying to fish up from the Dalton Mountain Road bridge to the Stemple bridge, both because of logjams on small channels and because of beaver ponds. Next time I'll look more closely.

After my detours and ups and downs around the logged area, this is the return road — it's the 1.5 miles or so of road that I run both ways before poking around with a loop on the end. It was an overcast morning, which accounts for the warmer-than-usual temperature (65 or so). I think it even rained a little overnight.

I saw an osprey, a red-tail hawk and quite a few deer today. I was close to cranes a few times but never caught a glimpse of them.

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