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Saturday, August 01, 2015

Short on Flesher Pass

I went late in the morning to Flesher Pass, not sure how far I'd go. Finally managed 5 miles, cut short because it was warm — 82 at the end. Could have done more, but I didn't carry water along while running (had plenty at the car) and didn't want to risk it. This is from a high point on the ridge west of the pass, and the peak in the distance is Caribou, which lies some distance north of the Alice Basin, which is at least 30 miles away.

Pretty uneventful run, but it was warm and I kept my shirt and do-rag on (I got a little sunburned running protectionless on Baldy a few days ago).

It was good to see that the volunteer trail crews (probably not the same one I encountered a couple of weeks ago, because they were only working a week) caught up with this stretch, clearing some deadfall from the trail. It was a good move, because hikers were wearing pretty harsh detours into the mountainside.

This is the oft-photographed (by me) Red Mountain in the distance across Lincoln and the Blackfoot Valley. I've shot Stonewall even more, but that's because it dominates the north horizon from the area of town. When you get higher and farther away, Red looms up in the view.

This is from a rock outcrop a hundred yards or so off the trail to the north. I'd noticed it up there before, but this was my first visit to it. Most of the views on this stretch of the CD trail are to the south or west.

Munched a few huckleberries along the way.

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