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Monday, August 24, 2015

To Nora Mountain with Swi

These are the creative cairns someone's built on the mountain I call Nora Mountain. Friend Swi and I ran there this morning. It's really smoky in the valley, but not as bad on top. We managed to get up to various "checkpoints" in times that were a few minutes faster than my recent norms, so that's good.

Here's Swi next to the cairn we built up there almost 20 years ago. You can see how smoky it was in the background.

Here's the tall man in person instead of in shadow, also next to the cairn.

It's been very cold at night here — 24 night before last and 28 last night. It was warmer at Rogers Pass (47) and it was in the 60s when we got back to the car. There was a light breeze and it was ideal running. Note the gloves on Swi.

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