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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Back to Baldy

Went a little earlier today in an effort to avoid the folks I ran into yesterday, and it mostly worked. I went back to Baldy Mountain and ran uneventfully three miles up and back. The above picture is just the view, including a striking contrail, at the spot where I turned around today. I'll go longer one day this weekend, probably Sunday because of the football games (Nebraska plays at 11 a.m., I think).

Tomorrow I may run in Great Falls again since I'll be there anyway for an early morning doctor appointment.

On the way up, a Forest Service pickup came speeding down the road faster than I would have thought safe (it's a narrow, very rocky road). She waved as she went by but I didn't get a good look ... I thought it could have been the woman I saw running up there a week or so ago, but it wasn't.

It was, as expected, colder early in the morning — 39 as I began and in the 50s at the end. Going to book flights to Denver and from Minneapolis today, so I'll be running in some unusual places later this month.

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