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Saturday, October 17, 2015

After a month ...

After a post-operation month off, three weeks of which were spent staring at my feet and floors because of the gas bubble in my repaired eye, I went out to trot today in Lincoln, NE, for the first time since Sept. 11. I couldn't run at all while the bubble was still in my eye, and I decided to give it an additional 10 days or so to fully recover while flying/driving to Denver, then Nebraska, then Minnesota.

When I went to Great Falls on that fateful September day for a checkup, I expected to return home by noon and go for a run. Instead I was slapped onto an operating table and spent the next three weeks at Charlotte's house, face down to the floor in order to keep the bubble pressing against the repaired detached retina. It worked, but I'm still using lots of eye drops.

I'm driving the car of a friend who's moving from Denver to Minnesota. She has two cars and couldn't drive them both. Arrived in Lincoln yesterday and will watch football today, followed by visits in the middle of the state for several days after that. I'll return to Lincoln next weekend for the Northwestern-NU game, then drive the car on up to Fergus Falls.

As can be seen in the picture, the prick of the plains is in find shape, as seen from the Antelope Valley trail and creek about a mile from the Capitol.

I felt surprisingly good, partly because it was a beautiful morning -- sunny, temps in the 40s. I did the fraternity-row run from sister Jo's house, which I'd reckon to be about four miles.

The parkway is gorgeous, mostly finished after nearly a decade of work.

I saw quite a few other people running there, and I can see why. It really is pretty and nicely landscaped. This is at one of the creek crossings in the bottom of the small valley.

Here's a different view of it, from up on the east bank of the little valley. The creek lies about halfway between Jo's house and the main NU campus.

The behemoth on the left is Abel Hall, where I spent my miserable freshman year. I hated it and I hated being here. Now it evokes a small bit of nostalgia. That was almost 50 years ago!

I hope to run every day during the rest of this trip. We'll see!

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