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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Exploring northern Minnesota

Today I didn't run but old friend Lisa and I drove all over the region where I used to spend vacations with my family. It was a wonderful day, but bittersweet in one respect. The old resort where we spent many a balmy week skiing, fishing, pining over girls and even golfing, is in foreclosure.

According to a young man working on remodeling what used to be the owner's house, the owners died in a plane wreck in a lake sometime in the not-too-distant past, and the place is kind of crumbling.

Part has been sold, he said, and a for-sale sign faces the lake in front of the easternmost cabin, which is the one we used to stay in.

The one on the right has a fireplace, which I am pretty sure "our" cabin up here did have.

Same two cabins from the rear. They appear to be semi-occupied, but no idea by whom.

This used to be the lodge. Not sure if it's still aimed at that or if it's been converted to some kind of residence.

This was the owner's house, when Carl Behrens, then Jim and his wife had it. The workman said the place was falling to pieces, and they are sort of rehabbing it.

This old fireplace roasted a lot of burgers and hot dogs. It's in front of the lodge; the only dock still in the water of Potato Lake is visible below.

Lisa's car, the one I drove from Denver to Nebraska and then to Minnesota, sits beneath the old entry way to the resort.

And here's the sad old sign across the highway from the entrance. A lot of memories. Probably not much of a future here.

Posted by Mose, 4:37 PM


It does make me sad. Yes, we stayed in Cabin #8, (the end one), and it did have a fireplace. There used to be three docks.
Blogger Jo Voelker, at 5:03 PM  

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