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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Nice 'n' easy

Today's pre-dawn run took me past my grandparents' house on 38th Street, near what we used to call the "ag campus" of UNL. I went on past their house, onto what's now UNL East Campus and looped deep to the north and east, passing the law school, a bunch of specialized "animal science" buildings, greenhouses, garden plots and more. If I didn't think they were experimenting with GMO and all kinds of pesticides, I'd be tempted to raid some of the plots -- their tomato and other vegetable crops look incredible.

The route also took me past the UNL "Dairy store," which used to be a phone-booth-size place where my grandmother would send a 5-year-old me with a nickel to get an ice cream cone. It's only a block or so from their old house.

This is the modern dairy store, shot from across Holdrege Street. It's a Baskin-Robbins size retail outlet with outdoor tables, coffee and more.

Felt good, considering that it was my second run in more than a month. It was cool, slightly breezy and very pretty out. I went very slow so as not to overly strain anything.

We watched the UNL game yesterday at the Zoo Bar, where niece Hannah was the solo bartender. It was fun, considering the Huskers' 48-25 win. I'll run again tomorrow morning before heading out to Grand Island for lunch with Steph, then on north to my friends' farm near Palmer. I'll run around out there for a few days before returning to this Lincoln on Thursday. I'll be here for a few days (and another Husker game) before driving north to Fergus Falls, MN.

Here's my Husker-appropriate ride, btw. I like it, though storage space is in short supply. We'll put the top down and cruise around Lincoln in the next day or so.

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