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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

On the farm

One of my friend John's Schnauzers, this one Jack, I think, eyes me from back on the trail on the west end of John's "park" island.

I circumnavigated the island twice, accompanied by "the boys." Saw a deer and later a bald eagle while walking the same trail with John and another friend, Mary.

Footing was irregular, but OK. The day warmed considerably to well into the 80s. Yesterday, I stopped in Grand Island on the way to the farm and had a lovely lunch with Steph and Shannon.

This, I think, is the other Schnauzer, the puppy Scout. He was a gamer, but not quite as disciplined as his elder (not surprisingly).

This is a large, permanent deer stand on John's neighbor's property, near where the first photo above was taken.

Beautiful fall weather. It rained the next day and I was traveling the day after.

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