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Monday, November 23, 2015

Art in the smoke

The tall man says good morning on a cold and oddly smoky day in the Lincoln valley. Today's route was just a repeat, more or less, of the previous days' zigzags through the sculpture garden.

Less than a week to go in hunting season, then I can start wandering farther afield and get back into some interesting country.

I mentioned smoke; here's Hill and Valley with sunbeams coming through the trees. Must be an inversion — temperature is 25 and the smoke from all the local stoves is just hanging.

This is Of Earth, etc., and it shows the smoke, too. I wonder if Noellyn Pepos is a fan of Hunger Games/Mocking Jay movies? It occurred to me watching them this past weekend that the structures where the competitors get their weapons, etc., look something like this art installation.

Another new view of the Picture Frame sculpture. My wanderings today took me up close to it.

Someone had been in the park in the past day on a mountain bike, because the tracks went all over the place — almost as random as my meandering paths.

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